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Lupus is a disease millions suffer from and every year,
more will get it this mysterious disease.
Lupus sufferers generally have a mask of some type on the face, not
unlike that of the mask of a wolf. Hippocrates wrote about this rash, so we can safely assume the disease dating back that far.
Systemic Lupus Erythematosis is an immune condition,,
or connective tissue disease. Anyone can get this, however, it is much more common in females than in males.
Your emotions play havoc with you. One minute you are ecstatic, then down to frustration!
Then you must also cope with anger and tears!
People will tell you, "You look terrific!" and
"You can't be sick, you look great!"
That can be very frustrating to us when we don't have enough
energy to brush our hair or answer the phone!
Most of the time, we feel "super-glued to our chairs"!
Many will say we are hypochondriacs, but for those of us suffering from lupus, we know too well the extent of this disease.
Look below to visit sites about this mysterious
disease called Lupus.

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