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I have the awards listed in the order in which they were received.
I have listed the pages, with the awards that are on each page so that by clicking on the page number, you may  go directly to that
particular page.
I hope this helps ease your way through the many pages this site has.
If you should so wish, you may also go directly to the first awards page and browse them one at a time.

Page 45
Jan's Best of the Web Award (3.5)
Susanne's Excellence Award (2.5)
Page 46
Monica's Award for Fantastic Websites (2.5)
Sky & Wolfer's Weekly Award 200 (2.5)
Page 47
Angela's Caring and Sharing Award of Excellence (N.R.)
Women's Webmasters Award for Excellence (N.R.)
Twilight's Merit Award (4.0)
Twilight's Memorial Award
Page 48
Rosa's Fantastic Site Award ((N.R.)
The Berry Patch Award of Excellence (2.5)
Southern Nytes Award of Elegance (3.0)
Page 49
Addmirable Women Award for Excellence (NR)
Marie's Award of Excellence for Love and Kindness (NR)
Imran's Award for Overall Internet Creativity (NR)
Page 50
The Albritton Family Excellence Award (NR)
The Albritton Family Guestbook Award (NR)
One Nation Under God Gold Morris Excellence Award (NR)
Page 51
Sine's Award (NR)
Deerman's Angel of a Site Award (NR)
Ravenhair's Angelic Site Award (NR) (Special Award!)
Page 52
Chrissshack Superb Page Award (NR)
Positive Steps Excellence Award (NR)
Award of Excellence from The Little Dog JOSCHI (2.5)
Hi! Woof! Award (free gift)
Page 53
Chrissshack Site of the Week (NR)
Gold Crown Millenium 2000 Award (NR)
Aqua Oceans - The Gold Award (NR)
Aqua oceans - Excellence Award (NR)
Page 54
Phantom's Mystical Award for Beauty (NR)
A Rose In VA. Beautiful Web Site Award (NR)
Eva's Award for Excellence 200 (NR)
Canuck's Choice Award World Class Site (NR)
Page 55
Habitat Award for Creativity (NR)
Habitat Award for Excellence (NR)
Alwayz_A_Lady Award for Excellence (NR)
Lynx Award for March 2000 (3.5)
PC Award (NR)
Page 56
Starfire Award (4.5)
Best of Starfire Qualifier Award (4.5)
Sine's Ultimate Millenium Homepage Award (NR)
Otakou Creative Design GOLD Award (4.5)
Popcorn Award (NR)
Page 57
Best of the Web award from Ruth Ann's Moments of Memories (NR)
Disability Network Outstanding Web Site Award 200 (NR)



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