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I have the awards listed in the order in which they were received.
I have listed the pages, with the awards that are on each page so that by clicking on the page number, you may  go directly to that
particular page.
I hope this helps ease your way through the many pages this site has.
If you should so wish, you may also go directly to the first awards page and browse them one at a time.


Page 33
Millennium Choice Site Award 1999 (3.0)
Shanty Award Homepage Excellence (Gold) (3.0)
Nielson Beat Of The Web '99 Bronze Award (NR)
Page 34
The Athena Award for an Informative Site (NR)
The Maxine Award for a Great Site (NR)
Page 35
Rodeo Rose Best Rides Award for Web Site Excellence (NR)
Heart Touching Site Award from Jeanie, 1999 (NR)
Page 36
Hendersonville, Tenn. Police Dept. Web Site Excellence Award (NR)
Lobo Appaloosas-You've Been Spotted Outstanding Web Site Award (NR)
Tierisch gut! Award in Silver
Page 37
Gadart Fine Home Page Site Card (4.0)
CyberTeddy's Top 500 Web Site Award (4.5)
Jp WebZine Emerald Jewel of the Week Award (3.5)
Page 38
Marvelicious Enlightenment Award of Elegance (NR)
Gifted Fox Award (NR)
JoyZine's Wonderful Website Award (4.0)
Page 39
Best of Asia Pacific 99 (NR)
Love & Care Award by Mauve Slivermoon (NR)
Cyber Platinum Award (4.0)
Seasons of Change Bronze Award of Excellence August 1999 (NR)
Petals of Life Award of Excellence (3.0)
Page 40
Caz's Website Award For Excellent Information (4.5)
A Shelter In The Storm Hope For The Hurting Award (NR)
Shield Of Excellence Award (3.5)
Page 41
Thanks For Caring Award (NR)
Lancelot Award Of Excellence (NR)
The Storm Keep Award (3.5)
Page 42
Spyder's Empire Golden Excellence Award (NR)
LGB Web Award (NR)
MistyRain's Award for Excellent Web Design (NR)
Page 43
Tristen's Award For Website Excellence (2.5)
The Island Princess Butterfly award for Poetry (NR)
The Island Princess Award for a Heartwarming Site (NR)
All Girls Are Princesses (NR)
Page 44
Sky & Wolfers Web Excellence Award 2000 (2.5)
Sarcoidosis Helpline Award of Excellence (NR)
LadyShae's Diamond Award (NR)




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