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I have the awards listed in the order in which they were
I have listed the pages, with the awards that are on each page so that by clicking on the page number, you may  go directly to that
particular page.
I hope this helps ease your way through the many pages this site has.
If you should so wish, you may also go directly to the first awards page and browse them one at a time.

Page 15
Pleasure Gait Farms Silver Award of Excellence (NR)
Innerspace Award (NR)
Taco's Award (NR)
Page 16
Kelsey's Beautiful Site Award 1999 (NR)
Kelsey's Enchanting Site Award (NR)
Kelsey's Guestbook Award (NR)
Page 17
CYBER SCANS  Award of Excellence for Web Page Design (NR)
Peggy's Star Award (NR)
Page 18
ArmonWeb Originality Award (NR)
Mystic Stars Award (NR)
Files of X X-Cellent Web Design Award (NR)
Page 19
Petals & Pearls Award of Excellence (NR)
Danielle's Word Award (NR)
Michele's Great Site Award (NR)
Page 20
The True Believers Award (NR)
TuT Award (NR)
Spirit Wolf Web Excellence Award (NR)
Page 21
The Hope Award (NR)
Outstanding Award of Achievement from Tulips (NR)
Gracie's World Award of Excellence (NR)
Page 22
Shadow Storm Elite Site (NR)
Viva Tower Award (NR)
Page 23
DynoWomyn 5 Star Award (3.5)
Cool Site Award from Spyder's Empire (NR)
Page 24
Studio Gallery Magnolia Award (NR)
Linda's Wellness Award (NR)
Page 25
Annie's World Award (NR)
Team Creations Compliments Award (NR)
Page 26
Mutley Weekly Award (4.0)
Whiteshadow Kennels Miles Of Smiles Award (NR)
Page 27
Pure Ilusions  "A Step Above The Rest" Award (4.5)
Leahy Family Home Page Award (NR)
Page 28
Silver Web Excellence award (from Angell's Graphics) (NR)
Caring Heart Site Award (from Angell's Graphics) (NR)
Women's Touch of Excellence Award (from Angell's Graphics) (NR)
Page 29
Rajuna's Top Award (NR)
Naptown Nomads Cool Site Award (NR)
Wing's Beauty Award (NR)
KMC's Place Award of Excellence (NR)
Page 30
Webmaster Award of Excellence from TinyRay (3.0)
Mesweets Platinum Award (3.5)
Page 31
Chandra's Diamond Award (2.5)
Chandra's Most Helpful Site Award (2.5)
Nessa's Caring Heart Award for June, 1999 (NR)
Page 32
SheWolf's Favorite Site Award (NR)
Stavenger, Norway, Guestbook Award (NR)
Stavenger 5 Star Award (NR)



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