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This is the place to be for links on information regarding
hearing impairment.
I have tried to include as many links as possible, but of course,
I have missed many that are out there.
Hearing loss affects millions of people, and more are
being diagnosed all the time.
If you or someone around you has trouble hearing, please get a hearing examination to determine the problem.
The faster you get help, the more you will hear!
Hearing loss isn't just an "Old Folks" disease
anymore, and it can sneak up on you until one day you realize you don't hear your loved ones voices as well as you once did.
For their sake, as well as your own, learn all you can
about this silent problem.



Closed Captioning Web

Dogs For The Deaf, Inc.

Cochlear Corporation

Deafness/Hoh Page

Dr. Dave's DEAF and HARD Of Hearing Web Links

Clarion Cochlear Implant Site

HandSpeak:  A Sign Language Dictionary Online

Travel Tips For Hearing Impaired

Gallaudet University

Hearing Loss-The Emotional Factors

National Institute on Deafness

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