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"Its All In Your Head!" 

"It's Just A Touch Of The Flu!'

"You Just Slept Wrong!"

"You Didn't get Enough Rest!"
Sound familiar? All too often, these are the comments people with
fibromyalgia hear. From both doctors, family, and friends alike.
If they haven't experienced the pain of it, they don't always
understand what we go through.
Fibromyalgia is a widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue
disorder. Unfortunately, the cause is still unknown.
First described by a surgeon named William Balfour, in 1816, this
disease has been called a number of names, including one we all hear too often, "It's all in your head!"
People who have fibromyalgia usually ache all over, as though
having a flu-like symptom all the time.
The disease varies in each individual.
Most of us look healthy to others, but we are experiencing pain
And tiredness throughout our bodies. Therefore, it is sometimes called, "The Invisible Disease." We may be weak, dizzy, or suffering from
digestive disorders, but it doesn't show outwardly to others.
There is no cure yet, and millions of people will continue to suffer due to this highly misdiagnosed disease.
Please, learn all you can in case someone you know needs help.
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Please take the time to visit some of them.

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