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For the sake of easier navigation through my Awards pages.
I have decided to include an index.
I have the awards listed in the order in which they were
received. I have also listed each award under the page upon which they can be viewed.
By clicking on the page link, you will be taken
directly to the page upon which it can be viewed.
I hope this helps ease your way through the many pages this site has.
If you should so wish, you may also go directly to the first awards page and browse them one at a time.

I have listed the rating of the award at the time it was received in
parenthesis. A "NR" means that it has not been rated at this time.
(If I have misrated your award, please let me know.)


Page 1
Suds Award for Web Page Excellence (NR)
Aloha Award (3.0)
Humming Award for a Humming Good Page (NR)
Vickey's Great Web Site Award (NR)
Page 2
Critical Mass Award (4.0)
The Johnny Lightning Award for Web Page Excellence (3.0)
Internet Brothers Good Start Plaque for Helpware Excellence (4.5)
ABAS 3-Star Cool Site Award (3.0)
Page 3
Caroline's Best of the Web Spider Award (3.0)
Future.suite Award of Excellence (3.0)
Pegasus' BRONZE Web Award (4.5)
Fort Huachuca Army Community Service Award of Excellence (NR)
Page 4
Colleen's Corner Beautiful Site Award (3.5)
An Extraordinary Woman with An Extraordinary Web Site (NR)
Amanda's Web Realm Site of Silver Web Award (3.5)
A.J's Award of Excellence (3.0)
Page 5
Pandora's Award for Web Site Excellence (NR)
Outstanding Site Award from Theda's Eclectic Pages (NR)
Home & Hearth Award of Excellence (4.0)
Beautiful Site Award from Grandma's House (NR)
Page 6
Award of Excellence from Grandma's House (NR)
Award of Excellence from Linda (NR)
Award for: Having A Caring Heart on the Web from Linda (NR)
The Don Hats Off Award (NR)
Page 7
King Of The Jungle (4.0)
Darmino's 1999 Award of Excellence (NR)
Homepagegoodies Best of the Web Award (3.5)
The Cool Dolphin Award of Excellence (NR)
Page 8
U.S. Wings Gold Site Award (NR)
Cool Frog Award (NR)
Killer-Web Award (NR)
Puppy Award of Approval>  (NR)
Approval Very Nicely Done> (all three from "Doberman's Forever") (NR)
Guest Book Award> (NR)
Sifu Jay's Cool Site Award (NR)
Sifu Jay's Page of Excellence Award (NR)
Page 9
Loadstar's Award of Merit (NR)
Golden Gate Humanitarian Award (NR)
Eddie's Award to Internet Excellence (3.5)
Heartwarmers4u Award Site (NR)
Simply Submit It Award for a True Site of Excellence 4.0)
Angel's Cyberiffic Award (NR)
Page 10
Jack London Ranch Album Award (NR)
LilSpringsAZ . Award of Excellence (NR)
Page 11
Artis Hot Site Award (4.0)
Trek Ladies Silver Award (NR)
Karen's Site Award for Excellence (NR)
Page 12
Elegance on the Web Award by Foxy Granny (NR)
Candle Creations Excellent Web Site Award (NR)
MMSeekers Creative Award (NR)
Page 13
Jewel of the Week Award  (from Denmark) (NR)
Stomp Award (3.5)
Page 14
Otakou New Zealand Online Creative Design Award (NR)
Steliart Productions Bronze Award of Excellence (4.0)




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