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"Loadstar's Award of Merit"

Loadstar's Award of Merit

I have been honoured to view your site for 'Loadstar's Web
Design Awards' and would like to congratulate you on the presentation and effectiveness of your site. You've obviously put much work into your site and recognition of this I attach my
Merit Award.
email Thank You
"Golden Gate Humanitarian Award"



Your site does qualify as  one that
offers humanitarian services.
Thanks for inviting me for a visit.
Thank You
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"Eddie's Award to Internet Excellence"

After careful review and consideration, your site has been found appropriate for
Eddie's Award to Internet Excellence.
Please keep up the good work with such a good design and enriching internet content.
Thank You
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Congratulations - your site has been selected as a
Heartwarmers4u Award Site
This award is special.  You are welcome to pick up your award to include
at your site at the following location:
Good luck as you continue your good work as an inspiration to all and in
making the Internet an Instrument of hope and goodwill.
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Thank You
"Simply Submit It Award"

(Link no longer working)

Congratulations! You have a TRULY  Excellent Website!
Here at Simply Submit It we are pleased to pass on our Award to you!
We loved your site!  It left us feeling like we want to come back again
and again (and we will).
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Thank You
"Angel's Cyberiffic Award"

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I would like to congratulate you on winning my award 
Thank You
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