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"US Wings Gold Site Award"

You have a very good site and just for Your information My Mother in Law is Deaf and so was Her Husband who is now with the angels.
You may display Your Gold Wings with pride!
Thank You
"The Cool Frog Award"


Nice work!  I am sure you will be helping many people too.
Congratulations! Your site has just won the
Cool Frog Award
for excellence in design and content.
Thank You

"Killer Web Award"
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I did visit your site and my heart was lifted.
What you are doing is invaluable! And not only that it is in a very
eye-pleasing presentation which easy to navigate. Well done!
You have won a
"Killer-Web Award"
for the excellent design and content of your website.
Well done! Your work is appreciated.
Thank You
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"Doberman's Forever We Approve Award"
"Doberman's Forever Award of Appoval"
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Three from Denmark!!!

"Doberman's Forever Guest Award"

Hello - Dobermann´s Forever and Denmark calling -
You have designed a very nice home page. It is very informative and educational. We really enjoyed our visit, and are honored to present you the following awards:
- Puppy award of approval
- Approval very nicely done
- Guest book award
Regarding the latter - we do know that you didn´t have the opputunity to sign our guest book - but you tried.
Once again - CONGRATULATIONS - you have done a great job and we are honored to present these awards to you.
All the Best
Bitten Jönsson
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Thank You

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"Sifu Jay's Page of Excellence Award"
"Sifu Jay's Cool Site Award"

I just got done looking over your page and I think it's GREAT !!!! Your Page was so GREAT take them both...Jay
Thank You
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