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"Grandma's Award of Excellence"

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I have just toured your wonderful site and I am pleased to present you with an award from Grandma's House. 
I am also attaching my
Award of Excellence.
Thank You
"Linda's Award of Excellence"

"A Caring Heart on the Web Award"

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You have a wonderful site, what a warm heart you have no
matter what illness you have..I thank you for thinking of others and helping others when you are in so much pain..God Bless you and May the angels walk with you always..
Thank You
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"Don Hats Off Award"
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Congratulations, you are a winner of the Don "Hats Off Award".
In reviewing your site I have found it to be informative and well presented.
You should be very proud of making the web a better place.
----------------------Brief Review Here-----------------------
Lots of interesting stuff to get through and a real learning experience.
Some very useful links.
Lots of work has gone into getting all of it together.
I liked the consistency of style, theme and colours.
Navigation was easy to use and well designed.
One downer was the flashing graphics which is very distracting  when reading. 
No alt tags for graphics either.
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Thank You

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