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I wish to thank each and every person who visited my site,
and deemed it worthy of their award.
Please take time to visit their sites.
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Starfire Award Best of Starfire Qualifier

There are two links for theses awards, one is included in the graphic, the other is:

Starfire Awards Program
  Your Web site
Strawberry Zone Resource Page
      has been awarded the 
     Starfire and Best of  Starfire Qualifier Awards
      with a rating of 94.5 / 100

From time to time, we find, often by accident, Web sites that have that something special  -that mysterious element that sets them apart from all others.  They may not be top Award winning sites, be perfectly designed or receive hundreds of visitors each day but they have that special indefinable something that 'tugs at your heartstrings', 'sends you on an emotional trip' or lets you know that 'you have feelings that are not as yet fully explored'.   
In recognition of time, effort, quality, creativity and the emotional appeal brought to the web by creators of these beautiful Web sites we have created the STARFIRE AWARD which will be issued based upon analysis and judgment of emotional value.   Web sites such as these more often than not remain unrecognized, and we, the owners of the two Web sites involved with these Awards, wish to reward in some  small way, the immense pleasure we have
received  from your loving efforts.  Your web site has been evaluated for this Award by our Award Evaluators and has been deemed to meet the criteria for this Award.
We, the owners of the Starfire Awards Program, congratulate you on your success.

Thank you
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Sine's Ultimate

I would love to give you my new award. I love your page, read you whole story it was very interesting and  also very sad I love reading about peoples lives and their struggles,
Love Sine

Thank you
Otakou Gold

Otakou New Zealand Online Awards Program
    Your Website
         Strawberry Zone Resource Page
         has been awarded the
         Otakou Creative Design GOLD Award
        with a score rating of  92.65 / 100
    thus your web site is a
        Site of the Month Qualifier for May 2000.

Your website has given much pleasure to our Evaluators during the evaluation process and we were impressed with the standard of quality you provided for viewing.  We are fully aware that much time and effort goes into the creation of websites and we hope that you view this Award as a reflection of your achievement.  We thank you for inviting us to visit with you and for your assisting through your website to make the World Wide Web a pleasant area. 
Again, CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for the pleasure your website has given to my Evaluators whilst visiting your particular area.
Regards - Rhonda   

Thank you

I was going through my award submitions and found your
wonderful site.  No doubt your ordeal will be enlightening
many others and reinforce the importance of supporting a
diagnosis by visiting more than one doctor. Thanks for
providing the public with another informative and
beneficial website.
You have been awarded the Popcorn.

Thank You