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I am please to tell you that your site has been awarded
Caroline's Best of the Web Spider Award!
Your site was great in design, content and navigation. It made me feel that you had made this site from the heart. Congratulations!

thank you


Wow! First of all - your pages are more than deserving of my award.
They are interesting, fast-loading and, needless to say, a great
and much needed resource for people in situations similar to yours.
Second - I think that if I had an award for bravery, you'd get it, but for now you'll have to do with the Future.suite Award of Excellence.
Once again, congratulations.

thank you
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I visited your page today and
found it eligible for our
Pegasus'BRONZE web award.

My SECOND 4.5 Award!!!!!
  This is very hard to get!!!
thank you
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Hello from sunny Arizona.  Your site was visited today by Fort Huachuca Army Community Service Web Site Review and your fine work has earned you our Award of Excellence.
After viewing your Home page I must say you have outstanding taste in web page design..,it's one of the best I've seen in a long time....
We know how much work goes into creating a quality site like this....
We at Army Community Service (ACS) are always on the
lookout for Family type pages.
We here, are proud to award you with the Army Community Service Award of Excellence for your outstanding site.

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thank you

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