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I wish to thank each and every person who visited my site,
and deemed it worthy of their award.
Please take time to visit their sites.
These pages are graphics intense, they may take extra load time.
Shadow Storm Elite Site

You should truly consider your site one of the best on the web, this award is NOT easy to come by! Your site has met the strict requirements of HTML coding, content, clarity, navigation,
aesthetics, a winner of this award, it should finally come to you (if it already hasn't) that your site is one of
the best in the world.
Once again, thank you, and good luck in your continuing web presence. Always remember, there are millions of sites out there, that--for lack  of a better word--suck...don't be one of them,
and the sites that suck get all the attention. With sites like yours, and others like you, maybe the web can go back to showcasing not only stunning and amazing ideas and  thoughts, but to do it in so much a better way than the classic horrible geocities and pages.

Thank You

Viva Tower Award
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Your site has been viewed. Good navigation, nice
layout, and excellent context.
You have won the Award due to your hard work and talent.
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Thank You
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