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I wish to thank each and every person who visited my site,
and deemed it worthy of their award.
Please take time to visit their sites.
These pages are graphics intense, they may take extra load time.
Armon Web Originality Award

We went through your pages very carefully
and liked  what we saw. :)
Therefore we decided the following:
Your web site displayed great creativity
and very fine use of graphics on your pages.
Also we found your site easy to navigate.
For the above mentioned reasons you will receive the
" ArmonWeb Originality Award "

"Mystic Stars Seal Of Excellence'


Thank you for bringing this beautiful web site to my attention. I am honored to award your site with my
Mystic Stars Award.
I wish you much luck.
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Thank You
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Files of X  X-Cellent Web Design
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Congratulations Gayle....We were thrilled with your site.  You have worked very hard and deserve some serious recognition.  We are happy to
present you with this personalized award  to show our respect for the time you have taken to create a great internet site
Congratulations again, From The Files of X!
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Thank You

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