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Lady Skye

Welcome to Lady Skye's pages.
Hopefully, in these pages, you will find something to interest you.

The visions of beautiful wild horses running free and wild
against the deep blue skies of our American West……….
Who hasn't had this vision at some point when hearing about them?
In truth, the reality is much harsher. The wild horse population is
growing to the point where quite a few of these animals will die
after a hard winter with little food to be found.
To where many are getting killed on the highways of Nevada, and also being killed by unscrupulous persons for either sport or profit.
People need to realize that these wonderful creatures can make a terrific horse for the right person.
The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is doing what they can to control the herds amidst much controversy. The way they are caught, the way they shipped, etc..
The overpopulation of the herds poses a serious concern. Not only to the horses, themselves, but to ranchers, people driving on the highways, (who accidentally hit them), and to the BLM.
These are all serious concerns, but we all have to admit that these horses are part of the legend of the west. No matter how they came to be in the herd, they are there and its up to all of us to do whatever we can to help them.
With cities and subdivisions cropping up all over, the land is
diminishing fast.
We need to save as many as we can of these beautiful, intelligent,
"Living Legends of the West".

Many thanks to "White Horse" for the use of this beautiful background.

Graphics by White Horse

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